Tom Misch has shared his dreamy new hook-up with De La Soul.

Titled ‘It Runs Through Me’, the song continues Tom’s signature soothing sonics – how he manages to be so consistent with this winning formula still drives wonders, and this joint is certainly up there with one of his best. The track will join predecessors ‘Water Baby‘ and ‘Movie‘ on Misch’s upcoming debut album ‘Geography’, set to land later in the spring.

“The concept of this track is sometimes how I feel about my relationship with music” says Tom, adding “it’s something that has always just flowed through me and almost feels like my superpower. You can take away my money and house etc, but can’t take away my relationship and love for music. The De La Soul feature was the icing on the cake for this album… I’m a massive old school hip-hop head and this collaboration just felt really good.”

Listen to ‘It Runs Through Me’ below: