Vancouver Sleep Clinic has revealed his second new song in less than a week with the stunning ‘Ayahuasca’. Showcasing the icy vocals of VSC’s Tim Bettison, the track comes as a result of the Australian’s hibernation during the recording of new sounds – “Ayahuasca is a world that I lived and breathed in over a weekend in my little studio apartment in LA. I bought a bunch of food, shut the blinds, lined the walls with LEDs & locked myself into a journey for three days” he says, adding “It’s the song I’ve always wanted to make but never been brave enough to. Something that defied any normal expectation & allowed me to express every inch of what i was feeling at the time. A place where you can shut your eyes for 8 minutes and escape reality.”.

Watch the video below, and cop Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s previous single ‘Closure’, here.