Iris Gold has returned with the massively-excellent All I Really Know.

Bringing you into her world of ’hippie hop’ (cited as her ‘colourful and infectious amalgamation of retro hip-hop, soul and power pop with a generous sprinkle of flower power’), the track comes against a groovy, uplifting backdrop and one that’ll definitely immerse you even within the first 20 seconds.

Describing the song, Iris says “When you have been dealing with adversity throughout your life, it will either kill you, or make you blossom into a positive person, and I decided very early on in life that I would always be positive, energetic, and a go-getter. “All I Really Know” is my Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed track. It’s a song about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and trying again, after failing, no matter how many attempts it takes.”

Catch the video in full below; the freshness of All I Really Know will make you keep coming back for more, guaranteed:


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