Norwegian DJ/producer Sonny Alven has teamed up with newcomer GOLDENS for his latest single Cool With You.

Lifted as his first piece of new music since his acclaimed Girls EP, the song follows Alven’s multiple shows across Europe, and wider-afield to the US where he supported the likes of Galantis, Matt Zo and Jerry Folk on their State-side tours.

We caught up with Sonny to find out more about his upcoming work, Cool With You (which you can catch underneath) plus also a tease on what’s in-store for the future:

Hey Sonny! So, your Soundcloud seems to be constantly updated with new beats and remixes; can you tell us what you’ve been working on over the last year or so?
Hey! The last year has been pretty exciting in terms of new music. I’ve been experimenting a lot, and trying to find my way, and where I want to take my music. I feel like I’m nearly there now, which feels really, really good!

Your new single ‘Cool With You’ features some pretty wavy vocals courtesy of GOLDENS. Can you tell us more about the collaboration?
Yes, it was a really fun collab to do. It was actually during this writing camp in my hometown, Bergen. I wrote the song with Fiona Bevan (GOLDENS), Jonny Wright and Simen Hope. We had so much fun in the studio and I think the song turned out really good.

Is the song leading its way to a new full-length project?
Right now there will be more focus on singles. But doing an album at some point is definitely a dream of mine.

The track seems to be veering more toward the futuretronic sounds that have been capturing the dance floors lately; many producers seem to be shifting away from ‘EDM’ toward that genre – is this something your ‘next wave’ of music is looking to encapsulate?
To be honest I don’t really think much about genres, and I just make music that I like. But yeah, I don’t really see my upcoming music as EDM. It’s more chilled out and some of it isn’t for the clubs at all.

What can you tell us about your plans for 2018?
New music! And there will definitely be more gigs. Hopefully some more outside of Norway as well.

Can you tell us about some confirmed collaborations? Who have you been keeping an eye on?
I can’t say much about that right now, haha 🙂

You had a pretty hectic summer playing dates all across your homeland of Norway; are there any plans to come back to London and/or tour the wider UK?
Right now there’s no plans of touring. But I definitely hope I can tour UK in the future. That’ll be a dream come true!

You also played a load of festival dates in the summer too… which was your favourite? Are there any festivals you’d love to hit up?
This summer was a blast! I think Stavernfestivalen was one of the favorites. Such a good vibe. I’d love to play at Coachella some day!

Cool With You is out now; listen below:


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