London Grammar’s Hell to the Liars has become one of the [many] successes from the trio’s second studio album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, and whilst the song’s gorgeous candlelit sonics have been reworked for the dancefloor courtesy of K├Âlsch, a new remix has come our way which in our mind, may be more spectacular than the original.

Reinterpreted by KCRW tastemaker Jason Bentley, the song gets a stunning ‘chopped and skewed’ look, whilst still maintaining the post-party feel of the original. Describing the influence of the song on his Soundcloud, the producer says “From the first I heard it, this London Grammar song struck me as a resistance anthem for our times. A clarion call to stand up for the things you love – family, friends, and a way of life. A charge to fight those who would threaten our freedom. Hell to the liars, indeed! Working on this remix in the Spring of this year as the UK reeled from incidents of domestic terrorism, the message came into sharper focus, and the tone of the track became one of solidarity with friends in the U.K.”

Listen below: