With just 24 hours to go until Glastonbury opens its gates for another year, curator Emily Eavis has teased further information regarding the festival’s upcoming sister event, The Variety Bazaar.

Speaking exclusively in the latest issue of Music Week, Eavis outlined the team’s schedules for the next few years – “The plan at the moment is for a fallow year here in ‘18, ‘19 back on Worthy Farm, then 2020 is our 50th anniversary, so we’ll be here for that,”. before speaking of the new festival, adding “…then the plan is we’ll do another event in 2021, which will be called The Variety Bazaar, and that will be somewhere else. It’s not going to be an average Glastonbury but it will be [produced by] the team behind Glastonbury. We’re looking at three different sites elsewhere at the moment.”

Though still some years off (we’d assume that Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary is set to be a huge undertaking in itself), Emily did share some way of a vision for The Variety Bazaar which could in turn make some of the ‘after-hours’ fans pretty happy – “The idea is to give some of the fringe areas of the festival more space. We could do more with Shangri-La, Arcadia, The Common, Block9 etc.”

Head over here to read the rest of the story, including Glastonbury’s increased security measures for 2017.