There’s just two days to go until Glastonbury opens its gates for another year, and one bit of advice we can’t stress enough is to USE THE FREE LOCK-UPS.

Nestled all across the site (and heavily secured), the property lock-ups are the perfect place to store all those valuables – from jewellery, car keys or even extra cash, they’re an absolute life-saver, particularly after new research has shown that the value of tech at Glasto rolls into the high-millions.

According to online insurer Protect Your Bubble, the average British festival attendee will carry around £593 worth of tech each on every event they attend this summer. Glastonbury Festival-lone will see attendees bring over £80 million of personal technology over the course of the week.

PYB’s Rob Basinger says “More than 1 million Brits plan to hit a festival this season, either on home soil or overseas and, for many, it’ll be the highlight of the summer. But when you’ve had a few ciders, you’re up to your knees in mud, and living in a tent for a weekend, the risk to your valuables is considerably higher….. Keep your smartphone safe by not leaving it unattended in a tent or a car, and don’t store it in your back pocket when you’re in a crowd – instead, keep smaller valuables under cover in a money belt. With British festivals traditionally a soggy affair, you can also protect electronic devices from the elements by ensuring they’re kept in a water-tight ziplock bag.”

So, our advice to you – either maybe use the time to detox from the rest of the world (and get a cheapy non-smart Nokia), or use the free lock-ups. The Glastonbury EE app (iOS & Android) shows the locations of all the secure areas.


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