It’s been a while since we’ve updated our ‘Free Downloads’ section (mainly because people stream ‘n all that), but we’ve decided to give it another boot, and what better way to mark a freebie than by way of one of our favourite NYC duos, Brasstracks.

Hooking up with fellow ‘future-brass-slash-futuretronic’ musician Alexander Lewis, both camps have decided to rework Kanye’s All Of The Lights, and the end product is pretty stellar tbh. (FYI, we’re FAIRLY certain Brasstracks have actually thrown their might over this one already in their live shows, though in our defence, we’ve been slightly inhebirated each time we’ve had a chance to pop down).

Anyhoo, enough of that; the lads have created something stellar so bump it below…. LOUD. Obviously it’s in our playlists, so we’d expect you to do the same with yours. Oh, and you can also download it right away via the link underneath:

Download here