George Michael’s 1996 jam Fastlove was more than just as statement upon its release; it also came to define the late star’s impeccable ability to blend soul and pop into a timeless package, and to this day still stands as one of the former Wham member’s most seminal tracks.

However, whilst the ‘radio edit’ fell at just under five minutes, nestled away within the vinyl pressing was a ‘Fully Extended’ version (aptly titled Fastlove Part II) which doubled the song’s life to 09:27.

For one fan though, that just wasn’t long enough, and so enters Shortlist writer Dave Fawbert who’s reinterpreted the song into a 30 minute power banger, and a track that really does need to be listened in all its glory to appreciate.

Catch it in full below, and make sure you read the story behind this extended, extended, extended mix, here.


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