There seems to be a drought of just chilled-out ‘vibey’ R&B at the moment…. you know the type, the kind of sounds that can mellow you out in an instant, and be as powerful in the forefront as they are just subtly appearing in the background. It’s exactly this kind of jam that Murkage Dave and Patrick Scally bring in their new HALFBROTHER collaborative effort, Love Letter.

Quietly dropping online yesterday, Love Letter delivers relationship guilt on a whole new level – in Dave’s own words: “You cooked for man when i was sleeping on floors. Came to meet me in next cities off the strength of a text. Visited in the hospital when i was effed up. And what did i ever do for you? Apart from swerve & bullshit when it was convenient.”

The duo are currently working on their full-length debut album, expected to land later this year, and a project which’ll hopefully continue their interesting and thought-provoking observations on identity and challenging social norms to a more fuller extreme.

Stream Love Letter below:


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