Originally teased to land toward the end of last year, it seems we might soon be able to get our hands on Drake’s More Life project sooner rather than later.

The heavily-delayed collection, which Drizzy is calling a ‘playlist’, and not a follow-up to his previous album Views, has received a wealth of teased release dates, from December, to early February, to mid, to late, however during last night’s show in Hamburg, Drake gave a quick update on the completion of the project.

Mid-way though his Boy Meets World show, Drake announced “I know it’s taken me a while but I’m going to the hotel tonight to finish this More Life shit so I can give it to you as soon as possible”.

Additionally, Drizzy confirmed there will indeed be some new music within the compilation, and last month he detailed More Life further. Speaking to Semtex, Drake teased:

“You’ll kind of hear it when you hear the project. I love the way it’s put together. It’s really put together as a seamless listen. Basically, what I asked myself was, ‘What would happen if I just did an OVOSOUND Radio but every song was a new Drake song?’ That was kind of my idea for it….. It’s just an evolution of the mixtape”. Drake added “It was getting tough to be like, ‘I’m dropping a mixtape but it’s for sale on iTunes.’ It was like, ‘Oh, that’s your album.’ I didn’t want people to say this is my next album. Views was my album. This is something that, after Views, I was just inspired. I wanted to keep the music flowing.”

Who knows how quickly he can turn it around from completion to release, but it’s great to hear we’re finally on the home stretch. Watch Drake tease the crowd, below:

Drake talking about More Life 🌺 #Drake #Drizzy

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