So, let’s face it, we were all pretty pissed last night when 6pm came and went, and ‘that’ expected Foo Fighters failed to materialise.

Having now hoped that a Glastonbury announcement would follow during this evening’s BRIT Awards, it transpires we might now have to wait a little longer until we hear anything more concrete.

Tweeting moments ago, the Foos linked to Obelisk Airlines, their recently-confirmed fictious account which will ‘fly’ the band throughout their summer festival stint. Upon appearing, we’re met with a ‘select your seat’ page (see below):

Confirm the seat, and you’re then met with a countdown timer to Friday evening (estimated 19:45 GMT). Fingers crossed we’ll hear something then (but seriously, Dave and co, hurry the fuck up, yeah?!)

More Glastonbury news as we hear it!


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