Rumours have been swirling for months now regarding Foo Fighters’ possible headline slot at this summer’s Glastonbury Festival, and it seems we may be getting even closer to an announcement.

Earlier today, the Foos updated their website to reveal the full listing of their previously-announced festival appearances (including Secret Solstice and Rockslide) with one glaring ommission. Scrolling down on the website appears a link to “Check in here” – open it and you’re greeted with a fake boarding pass for ‘Obelisk Airlines’. Not only is Obelisk’s logo a pyramid (hint hint hint), but an associated Twitter account has also appeared (@ObeliskAirlines), which follows just one account – @FooFighters.

Additionally, though now deleted, Glastonbury guide TheGlastoThingy managed to capture Obelisk’s only tweet, stating “18:00, Tuesday 21st February”. If any Foos/Glastonbury announcement happens, it’s likely to be then.

Earlier at this week’s NME Awards, Emily and Michael Eavis spoke of when the next Glastonbury announcement would like be, replying “Some time in March, and there might just be a little thing before”. Could that ‘little thing’ be confirmation of Foo Fighters? Check back here on Tuesday evening!

Exciting times!