Hot off the heels of her recent surprise single I’m Better, Missy Elliott has shared further glimpses of what’s to come by teasing a potential surprise new album.

Speaking to Mary Anne Hobbs on her 6Music show last night, Missy spoke candidly about a multitude of topics, from her writing process, alongside the various inspirations behind her mesmerising visuals.

Later in the interview, Mary Anne questioned any kind of forthcoming releases following both I’m Better and 2015’s WTF (Where They From), to which Missy replied “I have a lot of music, and I’ve been scared to say ‘album’ because my fans would stone me if I didn’t drop it. I want to surprise them – that’s fun to me, because God knows, y’know, I’ve watched artists say dates and their fans go crazy when that date comes, and the [project] is not on any blogs.” Missy then finalised the section stressing “I like the element of surprise”.

Elliott’s last full-length studio came in 2005 by way of The Cookbook, so fingers-crossed that surprise lands soon then! You can stream the entire interview below:


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