Regular readers would probably be surprised to see a Busted track being featured in our ‘New Music’ section (in fact, anywhere on the site if truth be told), however when we heard that the boymanband had some new material heavily-rumoured to feature production from Alex Metric, then our ears definitely pricked up.

Coming Home, the first teaser track from the lads’ upcoming Night Driver LP may well impress the naysayers out there. Hearing a sound not far removed from the likes of M83 (or even MGMT), it seems the trio are vying for expanding audiences with their new music; mature-indietronica could be the most descriptive genre here and something we’re fully open to.

Grab a listen to Coming Home in full below and let us know your thoughts. FYI, this one’s not produced by Metric (though unconfirmed rumours are he’s aligned himself with other parts of the project):