2016’s Glastonbury Festival still isn’t even a week on from closure, yet that hasn’t stopped rumours of next year’s event already starting to hit the web.

Following the likes of Lionel Ritchie, ELO and Dolly Parton, it seems Diana Ross has now been booked to play host for Glastonbury 2017’s Sunday Afternoon ‘Legend’ slot – a coveted hour often seen as Worthy Farm’s ‘fourth headliner’.

According to The Sun, Ross was due to perform at this year’s festival, though was forced to pull out, leaving ELO to fill her place.

Whilst rumours this far out rarely (if ever) become reality, this one does indeed have some legs. First and foremost, the source of this rumour is somewhat reputable. Following his appearance onstage during Coldplay’s closing set last weekend, Barry Gibb was asked his views on the Legends slot, and whether he would like the opportunity to play there. The Bee Gees member then dropped the 2017 bombshell, saying “Next year it’s Diana Ross. I don’t know where I’m going to fit.”

Second up comes from Diana’s friend and Chic-frontman Nile Rodgers, who told Digital Spy back in 2014 his desire to get the Motown star onto Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage, saying “Not only would I advise her [to do Glastonbury]…. But you do that and we’ll play with you. Imagine that; Chic and Diana. It would be smokin’.”

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