**UPDATE: Azealia Banks’ outburst has led her to be officially suspended from Twitter**

The past 24 hours have seen Azealia Banks deliver one heck of a Twitter tirade, using heavily-offensive language to make multiple racial, religious and homophobic slurs toward stars of the music world, alongside taking shots at many respected figureheads in the UK scene.

As such, the US artist was subsequently dropped as headliner of Rinse FM’s Born & Bred Festival, and also led to many publications (including ourselves) standing in unity to show disapprovement of her actions.

Things haven’t stopped there though; earlier this evening, a petition was launched to ban Banks from performing in the UK again. The petition, on global site Change.org, reads as follows:

“In light of her unacceptable and wholly inappropriate racial slurs and terminology, as well as a direct attack on UK culture during a week of unrivalled achievement we call for the home secretary Theresa May to revoke Azealia Banks’ work visa.

It is now unsafe for her to think she can perform anywhere in the UK where cultural diversity is celebrated and unity encouraged.

We also call for supporters of democracy and love to boycott Azealia Banks’s scheduled performances in the UK. We do not wish for poisonous & thoughtless individuals to be given a platform to perform in our country.

Azealia Banks needs to respect our artists, culture, achievements and most importantly, wash her foul mouth out with soap. She should also be made to issue an extensive apology to all those she has offended and violated with her racist terms.

Following Rinse Fm’s statement that they have cancelled her performance at Born & Bred festival, we call on other promoters to join the stand! We cannot and should not be made to tolerate such behaviour from anyone,especially those whom we have given a great platform on which to speak positively from!”

Banks has since removed all of her tweets from the past day, though it’s likely her career has suffered for the long-term. Put it this way, we’d hate to be her PR team right now!

You can sign the petition right here.