Whilst the past couple of years have seen grime [deservedly] be given a nod across the globe, it’s safe to say that the genre’s been packing punches for longer than many can remember.

It was back in 2002 that we first heard about the scene, and though hooked ever-since, we still need to think back and appreciate those who helped paved the way to help springboard it to the role it currently plays. From the likes of Wiley, Dizzee, Dynasty, D Double E, Bruza etc all throwing some insane bars back in the day, it was Lethal Bizzle’s Forward Riddim (or POW as it later became known), that made many non-grime-advocates pick up their heads and understand that some kind of movement was happening.

Spring forward well over a decade, and Bizzle’s just readied what he’s been citing as ‘the new POW’ with his latest single Box. Bringing along JME and So Solid’s Face for some killer verses, this one is absolutely insane.

The track received its world premiere by Mistajam last night (props to Jam for his continual support of the scene) – the track’s also out now too: