During his latest Twitter rant (which are becoming more and more compelling as time goes on), Kanye West confirmed that his latest album The Life Of Pablo will only be available to TIDAL subscribers, dashing hopes of those patiently waiting for the record to hit iTunes, Apple Music or even Spotify.

The project, released at the weekend though removed from TIDAL purchase for West to further complete work, was originally slated to be a TIDAL-only product for one week, before moving to other platforms, but it seems this is now no-longer the case.

“My album will never never never be on Apple, and it will never be for sale” said Kanye, before confirming that his G.O.O.D. Fridays series will also be heading to the heavily-criticised platform.

The past three weeks have seen TIDAL subscriptions increase massively, thanks to new music from Rihanna, Beyonce and now Kanye, however will these big-names still be enough for users to part ways from their existing services on a more permanent basis? Both Rihanna and Beyonce’s recent releases gave away a limited number of 90-day trials; it’d be interesting to see how many users continue using TIDAL once that time lapses.