Music production’s a funny old game, isn’t it? Whilst these creative types work hard at developing beats that, to them, rightly define their direction, it’s usually down to the final end user (aka us, and you guys) to decide whether a track deserves the rubbish bin or accolades. Until the consumer gets to hear any kind of music though, producers have no way of knowing which of their tracks will make a dent, and we’d likely presume that not even Eats Everything could’ve realised how big Let’s Go Dancing was going to be when it dropped last summer. In fact, the song became so big, that a set that didn’t include the banger may well have been classed as a second-rate session – Let’s Go Dancing became such a behemoth that it just became purely wrong to omit it from anyone whose turn it was to command the dancefloor.

Fortunately, Eats Everything has never been a one-trick-pony either, and today he’s dropped the deserves-to-be-equally-as-massive, Big Discs.

Annie Mac heralded it as her Hottest Record, so instantly you know it’s gonna be a good un, and boy are you folks in for a treat.

At just under 8-minutes, Big Discs contains enough long drops to put Glastonbury to shame. Ultimately, if this doesn’t get, at worst, Top 20, then we’ll really need to have stern-words with the buying public!

Grab it on iTunes now – you NEED this in your collection: