Whilst you’re all down in the dumps at the thought of being back at work after the Christmas break (plus, let’s face it, the UK weather’s still really shitty), the fact that summer isn’t too far off should at least be a massive glimmer of hope for everyone.

And with summer around the corner, so too means festival-season is also on the horizon…. and when it comes to festivals, everyone loves a rumour.

With all ears and eyes awaiting on who will be headlining Glastonbury later this year, we’re also eagerly anticipating a return to Bestival. Last year’s event completely rocked it – we’ve been told for years that it’s up there as a strong rival for Glastonbury, but we’ve never believed it, until we paid a visit to the Isle Of Wight and saw things for ourselves.

Bestival-founder Rob Da Bank has arguably created one of the greatest late-summer retreats; nestled in the island’s Robin Hill Park, we’d massively urge you all to give the event at least one shot.

This year however, everyone has so-far stayed silent on potential appearances. Back in December though, we caught something on our Instagram feed that got us thinking. “Bestival started following Miley Cyrus” propped up, and that led us to further investigation.

Instagram screengrab Bestival Miley Cyrus

It turns out that Bestival, like many other big-hitting events, is pretty coy with who they follow; predominately restricted to just either staff, friends, or past, present and future performers. Miley has never performed at Bestival, and with Rob Da Bank and co always keen at grabbing a major act that’s rarely, if ever, been on the UK festival circuit (Missy Elliott last year, anyone?), then this could indeed be a clue as to Miley’s potential arrival on the Isle of Wight.

We’re putting this down as merely just a rumour – don’t take anything as golden – however with Bestival priding itself on its tongue-in-cheek irreverence (versus commerciality), then Cyrus would absolutely be a strong fit.

We’ll obviously keep you informed on everything Bestival-related as and when it happens; we’ve got a lot of love for these guys, and it’s definitely a part of the calendar you can’t miss. Much like Glastonbury, you could go to Bestival for 5 days, not see any artists, and have an absolute wicked time.

That said, tickets for Bestival 2016 are available now, so head over to Ticketmaster or Ticketline to find out more. Announcements on performers are expected to start trickling over the next couple of months.
Bestival 2016 runs from 8-1th September.