Whilst the UK (alongside Australia) seems to be driving the global development of electronica, it seems that there’s still a lack of females within the market who push creativity and innovation ahead. Sure we have FKA Twigs, but we’d struggle to name many more when it comes to leading the British electro-soul movement.

Up then, steps Nao.

Granted the artist’s So Good EP did help Nao break ground with many taste-makers, but it was her standout second project, the imaginatively-titled February 15, which delved further into FKA’s world of quirky creativeness. Her early-summer collab with Mura Masa on Firefly pushed things even further, as did her Disclosure feature Super Ego – meanwhile her recent sold-out tour, alongside the compelling video for Bad Blood oozed examples of Bjork-levels of abstractness.

There’s a massive aura of fresh air surrounding Nao, and one that will only further the UK’s stance when it comes to musical innovation. In a year from now, we wouldn’t be surprised if we’d heard Prince come a’knocking.

Grab a listen to the soaring Zillionaire, below: