SG Lewis first came into our lives earlier this year, following his startling debut Warm. Delivering a calming sense of ambient lo-fi electronica alongside some eerily soothing vocals, the track quickly led its way to the top of our playlists, and hasn’t really shifted its position since.

It’s not just us who’s been captivated by the young producer’s beats, either. Sam’s impressive four-track EP Shivers quickly led to accolades from all sides of the pond (most-notably from Pharrell and Timberlake), and that’s with the geezer still only on the cusp of his early-twenties!

With a keen ear for quality productions, it makes sense that the youngster’s now been snapped up by PMR Records (home of Disclosure and Jessie Ware), a label that prides itself with ensuring artist-individuality. As such, we can be rest-assured that any forthcoming music is likely to be up to the par we’d expect from his label-mates.

What’s to come in 2016 is still under wraps, however if any of his future work is half as good as what’s been shared this year, then we’ll be in for a treat, that’s for sure.

Cop a listen to Warm, below: