Following its breakthrough appearance late last year, 99 Souls’ impeccable refix of Destiny’s Child’s Girl and Brandy & Monica’s The Boy Is Mine is finally getting a release, under the guise of The Girl Is Mine.

Out today, the release of the track coincides with 99 Souls also sharing the joint’s official video, plus also teasing their full-length debut studio project. “We’re making an epic soul, meets gospel, meets 2016 house album where every song means something.” said the boys, adding “We just want to make a classic, timeless album!”

Having already been heralded from Pete Tong all the way to Beyonce (yep, really!), The Girl Is Mine also sees reworked vocals from Brandy, and is widely expected to take the charts by storm over the coming weeks.

Catch the full video for The Girl Is Mine, below: