Following the success of both her Beats 1 show, alongside her Channel AKA PLAYit-now series, Julie Adenuga has taken the latter one stage further, announcing a PLAYit compilation showcasing some of the UK’s most-defining talent.

Featuring the likes of Stormzy and J Hus, the project will also see a new collaboration between Brakeman and Newham Generals’ Footsie, and it’s that we’re bringing you today.

Time Is Money, premiered by FADER earlier this afternoon, is a trap-inspired cut that leads with grime as its pure intent and focus.

Speaking to FADER on the track, Footsie tells that whilst production was laid down first, he needed something fresh on vocal duties. “[I] felt that the vocal should be a bit different to my usual harder type grime song” he says, continuing “being the musicality of the track was on a nice easy vibe with heavy piano chords and big string sections. I got writing and time is money turned up. I put down the hook and two verses and could just hear Brakeman on it rounding it off. Sent him the track, he wrote then came to my studio and vocalled it.”

The 21-track PLAYit collection, which also features the likes of Terri Walker, Shystie and Ms Banks, is set for release on 13th November – hit the links to preorder, and stream Time Is Money below: