As they look to close off the second season of People Just Do Nothing later this week, Brentford’s finest Kurupt FM have shown they’re ever the entrepreneurs, sidelining radio for their first-ever music video.

Titled A Dis One, MC Grindah, Beats, Steves and co show they’re not gonna take any prisoners in their quest to bring UKG back to the masses, throwing down some big bars (that some fans may feel pretty familiar with). However, A Dis One is so strong that it could ultimately tempt even the Frank Sinatra-loving granddads out there into a drive down to Brentford… I mean, who can resist vocab lessons along the lines of “A stands for Audi, T stands for Audi-TT”? Remember when Kiss went from pirate to legal? Yeah, we reckon Kurupt FM’s on the same path….

Check out the full A Dis One vid at the top of this post; the final episode of People Just Do Nothing is on this Wednesday (12th August), 10pm, BBC Three.