Black Eyed Peas debuted a surprise new track onto Apple Music yesterday, both pleasing and confusing fans at the same time.

Titled Yesterday, the visual hears the trio (yep, now a trio again with no Fergie in sight – we’re not sure why either) pay homage to various hip-hop tracks across the past few decades, whilst Yesterday itself marks the band’s first piece of new material in five years (since their really-shit album The Beginning back in 2010).

From Public Enemy, to Jin, to NWA, it seems some of the classics are indeed sampled with this, though we’re really not sure what the song is trying to do. Does it mark a concrete return for BEP? Are they now officially a trio again? If so, where the fuck is Fergie, and why no noise about her departure? Oh… and why is the video such a complete rip-off of Erykah Badu’s Honey from 2008?

Aside from that, we still can’t work out whether Yesterday as a piece of music is actually a clusterfuck or rubbishness, or actually a nice concept.

We’ll leave that one to you – check the video out in full below; you can also stream it directly on Apple Music via the link: