Regular readers should, by now at least, be well acquainted with XO – in our eyes easily one of the most exciting British producers to emerge in a pretty long time. No less has his continued output been as solid as the track beforehand, XO’s also been fairly cunning at drip-feeding new music in a fairly understated way, captivating not only us but also a huge chunk of the UK’s blog-world too.

Earlier in the month, the producer (real name Sunil Heera) dropped The Light, the third track from his new EP The Ethereal Experience; well today, that whole project is now out to purchase (we highly recommend you do by the way), and with that comes the fourth, and final, track from the collection, Somethin’ About You.

There’s a massive sense of tranquility when listening to, not only Somethin’ About You, but toward the whole EP as an accomplished body of work. It’s one to massively zone out with by zoning in (that’ll probably make a lot more sense once you hear it!).

Anyhoo, The Ethereal Experience is out now via the iTunes link, but you can hear the full project, including Somethin’ About You, at the top of this post.