We’re not gonna lie – Para One’s Elevation has been on pretty-much constant rotation since we shared it at the start of the month. The track’s a simply-beautiful concoction of some of the most cheerful (and soulful) house music that gained strong prominence in the 80s & 90s, and whilst bringing that style back may be fairly risky (with the house-world more focused on its bass-fuelled cousin nowadays), it’s massively enlightening, whilst also going to show that uplifting house will always find a way to entertain.

Today, UKG hero Todd Edwards steps up to remix the track, and whilst it may not be as ‘choppy’ as we’ve grown used to from Edwards in the past (it’s a bit of a stretch away from the producer’s 4/4 signature beats), the edit itself is delicious enough, with Todd ensuring he’s not stepping on Para One’s toes. Ultimately he’s obviously aware that the original is a gem and therefore steers clear enough as to not disrupt that.

Stream at the top of this post. Para One’s Elevation lands on Ed Banger records next month.