We were over the moon once we’d learned of Jungle’s second Glastonbury appearance earlier this year, however none more so it seems than the band themselves – truly grateful for their second stab at Worthy Farm, Jungle seemed hugely overwhelmed with the 3,000+ attendees at The Other Stage earlier today.

Cries of “thank you Glastonbury”, “thank you so much” and the old plain and simple “thank you”, Jungle’s sophomore Somerset appearance was welcomed by both the audience and the band themselves.

Cheers remained present from the oft thanks to the introduction of Jungle’s ‘b-girl’ Terra, breakdancing at stage-side to the set’s opener Platoon, whilst the band spent the next 45-minutes delivering some of the finest work from last year’s self-titled debut.

Whilst hardcore fans would be able to differentiate album tracks (ie Platoon, Lucky I Got What I Want etc), it was clearly the more commercial-focused cuts that drew Jungle-newbies into the party. Whilst obviously different in musical focus to Basement Jaxx, there’s clear inspiration there with Jungle – trumpets, trombones, ‘out-there’ samples, gorgeous synths and perfectly-honed falsettos have all come together to make an impeccably-crafted act, both in the studio and live. They’ve thrown everything AND the kitchen sink into their output, and it shows – gloriously.

Likely to return to Glastonbury 2016? Well that one all depends on future material. Having already covered two appearances with just one project (admittedly pre- and post- the collection’s release), a third Glastonbury performance may be unlikely, unless Jungle can rustle up album No.2. However, with such a gruelling tour schedule, a new full-length record may not be something fans can expect so soon. If that’s the case, we’ll be reviving today’s moment far past Glastonbury 2016.


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