Following Alex Adair‘s explosive set from earlier in the month, we’re massively-fortunate to be sharing with you the next chapter in our range of exclusive mixes, this time from another exciting producer, MORRT.

Regular readers should be well acquainted with MORRT (aka 20 year-old Josh Mortimer) – we’ve featured him continually since first laying ears on him just over a year ago with the sublime Be There. Since then, it’s been a pretty-hectic life for the emerging house musician – from appearing on December’s Fat Trax Volume 1 collection (alongside the likes of Bondax, My Nu Leng and Kokiri, to name but three), to being featured on Radio 1’s playlist with Dive Right In back in April. Needless to say, the latter is a feat most artists can only dream of achieving, and MORRT’s already accomplished this before his 21st birthday.

His exclusive mix, which you can hear at the top of this post, is another entry into MORRT’s soulful take of modern-day British house music. Like the aforementioned Bondax, there’s only a handful of artists that can utilise cross-genre vocal manipulation to create tracks that seemingly never tire, and MORRT easily falls into this category.

Check out the full mix (it’s a free download FYI), and hit the iTunes link to download MORRT’s Dive Right In. Oh, and don’t forget to hit up MORRT on all the usual social channels: