Whilst we’ve always been clear our stance toward ‘EDM’ (and the fact it’s not a feature of choice for Stagedoor FM), occasionally one or two tracks seep through the net that are often so strong they’re almost impossible to ignore. Predominately, these descend from ‘tropical house’, a genre that has massively-captivated us over the past couple of years (thanks, in part, to the likes of Kygo and Sam Feldt, amongst others) – as an entirety, tropical house delivers the laid-back style of electronica that should massively be applauded, and newcomer Ryan Lofty has added another string to this bow.

The Las Vegas-based DJ/producer has teamed up with Bonx for his delightful debut, The Mountain, a silky-smooth track that’s enriched with summery, sun-kissed vibes.

If all first-stabs were as impressive as this (and emitted similar quality), then the music world would be a stark contrast to its current self.

Stream below; we’re excited to hear what else Lofty has in store.

Download here