In what seems like distressing news to many (including us), it seems that the much-criticised concept of ‘selfie sticks’ WILL be allowed onto the farm for this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Speaking to NME, Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis told the publication “A lot of festivals have banned selfie sticks, but we’re not really in the business of banning stuff. We haven’t really decided where we stand on them. I’m going to walk around and see if they’re getting in the way or not!”

During her interview, Eavis also confirmed to expect some ‘exciting’ secret sets at this year’s event, which kicks off next month, whilst also clarifying that Prince will not be making an appearance. “We’ve got all sorts of things popping up that are unprogrammed” said Eavis, continuing that Glastonbury-attendees will “see lots of special guests up at The Park this year, but you’ll just have to stumble on them…..”

On the same subject, the organiser also warned festival-goers to avoid any online rumours. “Any kind of hysteria that’s started on Twitter is normally not true… Every year people say Prince is playing. He’s not.”

So there we have it then. Head over to NME for the full interview. Oh, and just to add, whilst you may now think it’s ok to bring your selfie-stick to Glastonbury… please don’t – you’ll just end up looking like a dick (and everyone will hate you… you won’t want that, would you?)!


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