Ben Westbeech, aka DJ/producer Breach has debuted his new Dim Sum EP in full.

Set to be released via AUS Music over the weekend, Dim Sum comprises three elements (the title-track, Anna Love and Purple), with Breach hitting out the 4/4 stance with an infusion of energy that’s perfectly-ripe for the dancefloor.

Speaking to THUMP (who debuted two of the three beats), Breach says “Musically, I’ve always made a lot of different stuff. Some people find that quite hard to palate,” continuing “I never started Breach to be one sound and it has always been a forward thinking alias for me, so the sound is constantly moving forward and pushing my boundaries as a producer. Ive never been one to rest on my laurels, and quite frankly i would get very bored if I did.”

Stream below in full:


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