Following on from last month’s Living Room Flow, Jhene Aiko drops a bombshell of new music, with the emotionally-powerful Eternal Sunshine.

Premiered over at Noisey, Eternal Sunshine tells the heartbreaking story of Jhene’s loss of her brother three years ago to cancer, combined with a car crash the following year, involving herself, her daughter, her sister, and her daughter’s father. This is probably as heart-wrenching as they go; massive-props to Aiko for producing such wonderful music over the past couple of years, however we only now see the inner-depths of Aiko’s soul, as she releases her pain with Eternal Sunshine.

If there’s one video you need to watch today, this week, or even this month, it’s this one. Who needs all glitz and glamour when you have such an empowering song? Add to the fact that all the events were 100% true, and you can only but feel for an agonising Aiko.

Wonderful, but heartbreaking too. Eternal Sunshine is lifted from the singer’s impeccable 2014 record, Souled Out – grab it via the iTunes link: