Newcomer Brayton Bowman has teamed up with MNEK for the silky, Skin Deep, an ode to the oft-‘superficial’ side of falling in love (particularly when using dating apps).

Produced by MNEK, Bowman tells Bullett that Skin Deep is a shade-throwing homage to every man in a ten mile radius of NYC that I might’ve matched with on Tinder in my first six months of living here. Uzo (MNEK) and I may or may not have been drinking whiskey from the bottle on the High Line one night and I went on this rant about my frustration with all the surface level connections I’d made with these men that only care about a pretty face. Skin Deep is about that moment you realize the only reason you’re dating someone is because of how you both look in your selfies and the two of you have absolutely nothing in common. Props to you if you met your boo thang on a dating app, but it just wasn’t the vibe for me.”

So that covers that, then! Take a listen to Skin Deep below – not only is it available as a free download, but to add to that, even with MNEK’s consistency of quality output over the past year, this is up there with his finest!