Speelburg’s encapsulating Kline may be a good four months old already, but finally the track lands an official video…. and an interesting visual it is at that.

Co-directed by Speelburg himself, the clip retells the story of the musician’s uncle’s apparent abduction in the 1970s – “I have an uncle who claims he was abducted one night in June 1976” tells Speelburg, continuing “The cool thing about his story though is that there’s actually a group of people from the same area in Baltimore that can back the story up. All of them claim to have been abducted that very same night, and though none of them keep in touch – except for a couple who actually got married shortly after their encounter – most of their descriptions of the event in the few article clippings he’s kept, don’t paint the picture of some wacked-out Heaven’s Gate harbinger, but instead, just a few lucky people that got to experience something pretty special and spend a week with a more advanced species. None of them knew each other, and when interviewed years later, they all said they just grabbed what they could and headed to “where the light felt right”.

A unique storyline, we’ll give him that! Check the full Kline visual below; a few months on and we still can’t get enough of the song: