It’s unusual nowadays to hear what we call ‘real soul’. Sure there’s artists who set the bar high with soulful undertones, but how many tracks out there (from, say the last decade), could you actually consider comparable with the likes of Otis Redding, Nat King Cole or Sam Cooke? You’re stumped, right?

Fortunately, we’re fairly certain Leon Bridges ‘bridges’ that gap (sorry, not sorry). Sounding like a dream from Middle America (think mid-1950s-style), Bridges’ new track Lisa Sawyer (an ode to the singer’s mother) is as tender and heartfelt, as it is a cast-back to the doo-wop days.

It’s not just that Lisa Sawyer is a wonderful song (it is!), it’s that it’s also down-right special – particularly when you consider how unlikely it is for his forgotten sound to once again to rear its head.

Stream below: