A brand new/unreleased Mutya Keisha Siobhan track has appeared online, following various teases of the trio looking to relaunch themselves back into the pop world.

Little is known about the mid-tempo ballad, Back In The Day, nor are we aware of how the track surfaced online, but hey, new MKS is amazing news, right…. RIGHT?

According to JosepVinaixa who premiered the track moments ago, the former Sugababes are almost ready for their ‘comeback’, and has shared information regarding the confirmed/recorded tracks from their upcoming studio album.

Additionally, Mutya Buena took to Twitter to confirm the band’s project was still going ahead:

Stream the soothing Back In The Day below, followed by the rumoured tracklisting of the group’s forthcoming project:

– Flatline
– Back In The Day
– Beat Is Gone
– Boys
– Break My Heart
– Drum
– I’m Alright
– Lay Down In Swimming Pools
– Love Like This
– Love Me Hard
– Metal Heart
– No Regrets
– Only You
– Today
– Too In Love
– Victory
– You Make It Happen