Following various excerpts having been previewed over the past couple of weeks, Zak Abel has unveiled his brand new EP in full.

Produced by Joker, the aptly-titled Joker Presents: Zak Abel is a strong collection of UK soul, and should be commended, particularly seeing as it’s Abel’s first stab on a commercial release (sidelining his collaboration with Gorgon City on Unmissable).

The lead track (Alchemy) set the project off in good stead after we first laid ears on it a fortnight back, and things just go from strength-to-strength as the EP continues (a particular favourite is the Timberlake-inspired These Are The Days).

We do have one concern, mind… the collection itself finely-polished, and sits well with our ears (and we’re certain, yours too), however worry lies in the commercial success. With the buying-public more focused on house, dance and electronica than ever before, time will be interesting to see whether shining examples of British soul can seep through the cracks.

Anyhows, concerns aside, stream Joker Presents: Zak Abel below in full, including the fourth-and-final cut, Lonely; the full project is out now and can be downloaded via the iTunes link:


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