When Ten Walls’ Walking With Elephants undoubtedly became one of the resounding sounds of 2014, many sidelined the attempt to remix the track, for fail of it never living up to its original. However, British artist singer Shakka has unveiled his own take, flipping the track in its entirety into a grimey-soul cut that’s as far-removed from the original to be classed as a new track all the same, whilst keeping the essence of what made it so infectious, at the forefront.

Aligning with Boy Better Know’s Frisco, both the aforementioned and Shakka have stripped back the tempo whilst keeping the baseline still recognisable, alongside adding the vocals that Walking With Elephants always seemed to cry out for (yet no-one seemed to know how to attempt).

It’s an incredibly solid-effort, and a perfect introduction to Shakka’s upcoming Bootlegs EP, set to land next month:


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