US producer Kastle offers up his first piece of all-new material for 2015 with brand new cut Strange Days, the follow-up to August’s sun-drenched Anything’s Possible.

Offering an almost ‘fresh take’ on bass, Kastle further ignites his strength as a diversifier with Strange Days – light on vocals maybe, but when they do appear, they add a somewhat haunting effect onto the instrumental, whilst the electronica elements of the offering impact the same way as say, Robert Miles’ Children did back in the day. If this is the sound of both electronica-inspired bass as well as Kastle’s future work, then we can’t wait to hear what’s around the corner.

That said, Strange Days is understood to be an ‘early preview’ for Kastle’s upcoming Hyperreality EP, which, whilst the release date is currently unknown, expect to hear some fresh new material as Kastle hits the road on a US-wide tour (also under the Hyperreality name).

Anyhows, back to the track – stream Strange Days below; we’re massively feeling this one.