A new trailer to upcoming movie sequel Jurassic World is expected to play part at next month’s Superbowl ad-break.

The annual Superbowl has earned its reputation over the years as a prolific advertising avenue, with brands paying upwards of $3m for a 30-second spot for just one advert; this year’s 49th Superbowl (hosted on 1st February) is no different, with the cost of an advertisement having increased to a rumoured $4.5m.

The first official trailer for Jurassic World, the fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise, was unveiled back in November, and the Superbowl teaser is likely to be just one of the many new glimpses we’ll be seeing up until the movie’s opening in June.

According to ABC News, the Jurassic World advertisement will join the likes of Wix, Mophie, Carnival Cruise Lines, Skittles and more as one of the big-name brands associated with the major sporting event. So far, Jurassic World is the only blockbuster movie to participate in next month’s Superbowl.

Check the full initial trailer for Jurassic World below; hold on to your hats – it’s set to be an exciting movie indeed!