Young Brazilian producer Country Club Martini Crew has unveiled his insanely-upbeat remix of Beyonce’s Blow.

Originally lifted from Beyonce’s self-titled 2013 album, Country Club Martini Crew’s edit completely flips the track, featuring some new vocals from Pharrell, alongside turning the R&B jam into a complete club cut.

Country Club Martini Crew shared a few words about the remix following it’s premiere earlier this evening by online Beyonce fan club Beyonce Legion, saying “Working on it was an absolute blast, but it wasn’t easy either – I’ve tried a million different sounds and ideas until I found something that worked. The song itself mainly revolves around that bass riff and these two chords, so for it to work as a dance track it had to get a complete makeover. Then came the new verses, which I had to include in the smoothest way possible so that it would replace “Cherry” without sounding like a completely different song. I’d say I had a little help from Beyoncé herself on that though – the woman is a KILLER vocalist. The vocals we hear on the remix as well as the album version are pretty much the way she sang in the studio with no tuning or pitch correction whatsoever, so even the unused takes blended seamlessly with the ones from the final mix.”

Stream the Blow remix in full below; it’s a free download too!