The X Factor UK welcomed Queen and Adam Lambert to the show this weekend, performing classic Queen hit, Somebody To Love on the ‘Results’ show on Sunday evening.

Inviting the X Factor finalists to join the trio onstage, the performance is likely to put a massive smile on the faces of Queen fans, as well as give them a sneak preview as what to expect when Queen hit the UK next year for their national tour.

Last night’s performance also coincided with the news that Queen and Adam Lambert are to kick off New Years Eve in style, and perform an exclusive concert on 31st December from London, close to the iconic landmark of Big Ben, which will be broadcast live on BBC One.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (2nd December), whilst tickets for Queen and Adam Lambert’s UK tour are on sale now direct from Ticketmaster UK (here). Check out the full dates below; the X Factor performance follows:

Tue 13 January – NEWCASTLE Arena
Wed 14 January – GLASGOW Hydro
Sat 17 January – LONDON O2 Arena
Tue 20 January – LEEDS Arena
Wed 21 January – MANCHESTER Arena
Fri 23 January – BIRMINGHAM NIA
Sat 24 January – NOTTINGHAM Arena


  1. I do have to say that I was very very impressed by this. I was skeptical of watching it at first because it’s queen and let’s face it no one does a queen song as good as queen. But Adam Lambert did a really freaking good job on this.

    • Up till the very end run at which point Lambert reverted to a trite musical cliche. There was something touching about the way Mercury did it — passionate, emotive, committed. Maybe I’m just used to hearing it that way. Otherwise Lambert did it justice. Hard to fill Freddie’s shoes, but Adam put them on quite nicely.

      • So true Apul. Freddie was a music legend, with a vocal range like none other. I miss him so. I am sure if he were looking down on this (if it were possible), he would approve, except the final flashy yip Adam did).

  2. Mercury is dead, everyone has to get over it. Adam did this song as well as the rest when he performs justice. He is not trying to fill the shows of Mercury, just fill in. If anyone was going to be a singer in Queen having Freddie, I am glad it is him. Adam’s vocal range is fantastic and can match that of Mercury.

  3. I’m not feeling it. Not saying Adam Lambert is bad, but no one can fill Freddie’s shoes. I thought he butchered the end. Also noticed that never showed the new base player. Is it really still “Queen” with only 2 of the 4 originals?

  4. This was horrible. Anne Hathaway’s version in Ella Enchanted was better than this. Freddie would be horrified.

  5. Saw them in Houston about 5 months ago. Adam Lambert KILLED IT!!!! He was meant to play the part of Freddie Mercury and did it fabulously! So many of the Queen songs showed Freddie in the back on the big screen and Adam & Queen paid homage to him constantly. It was a kick-ass show!

  6. They really should have gone with Marc Martel. I really don’t understand why they chose Adam Lambert when Marc Martel has pretty much every attribute that could have possibly filled Freddie’s gigantic shoes. This current arrangement seems like an unnecessary publicity stunt.

  7. it’s funny that Adam Lambert himself said he was not trying to replace Freddy Mercury(no one can) he wanted to be a part of keeping the music alive

  8. There will never be another Freddie – period.
    Adam was okay, but he hit that last high note SHARP and out of tune.
    Freddie never hit a wrong note EVER.
    That was physically painful.
    I’m glad the music is still out there and I hope it is still earning money the Mercury Phoenix Trust, but……

    • seriously of course Freddie hit bad notes. Every live singer has hit bad notes. How many times have you ever seen Freddie live. I have. No one can replace him because there is only ever one. But Lambert did a fine job.

    • We saw Queen/with Adam Lambert in Columbia, VA this July and it was one of the best concerts we have EVER seen. Adam was not trying to mimic Freddie which was classy and refreshing! Queen paid homage to Freddie throughout the whole concert. What more could the fans want? Yes, Adam is different but awesome in his own right! Queen picked Adam for their own reasons! And in my opinion, picked VERY WELL!

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