So, the new trailer for the upcoming seventh movie in the Star Wars franchise, aka The Force Awakens, has appeared online, and everyone seems to be losing their shit about it.

So basically, here’s our top 5 reasons as to why it’s pretty much ‘meh’ in our eyes (in no particular order):

– There’s no dinosaurs in it
– They’ve used the same music as the originals – surely they could’ve afforded a new score?
– Eddie Izzard was spot on when he told how the Star Wars sagas have taught our kids to count “4,5,6,1,2,3,7”
– Surely the whole ‘sword with a glowing light’ thing has been done before? YES – IN THE LAST 6 FUCKING STAR WARS FILMS!

Anyhow, we’ll get some abuse from this, but also we don’t really care. It’s all for fun really, and remember… IT’S JUST A FUCKING MOVIE (except for Jurassic World, which we all know is MORE THAN JUST A FUCKING MOVIE).

If you still want to lose your shit about the Star Wars trailer though, you can watch it below. Oh, and for even more Star Wars-related jokes, we highly recommend you want Eddie Izzard’s aforementioned ‘Star Wars Cantina’ sketch underneath:


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