Two days earlier than scheduled, the first trailer for the hugely-anticipated movie sequel Jurassic World, has appeared online, teasing what’s to come when the flick (aka Jurassic Park 4), opens next summer.

According to rumours online, Jurassic World is centred within Isla Nublar, the remote Costa Rican island where the antics of the first Jurassic Park movie unfolded. With the park now a thriving visitor attraction, and living up to John Hammond’s initial idea, all may seem rosy on the island…. expect things to change though, as the trailer excitedly points out. Opening with a heartbeat in the background, the theme-park aspect of Jurassic World comes crashing down as night falls and all havoc breaks loose. We also get to see a glimpse of the brand new dinosaurs that have been teased over the past few months.

Jurassic World opens on 12th June 2015 – catch the full trailer below. THE…PARK…IS…OPEN!