Just over a month ago, emerging producer/vocalist/musician La+ch (pronounced ‘Latch’, obvs, but that’s how he spells it), dropped the exciting Nights onto Soundcloud. A few weeks on, (as well as sharing the upbeat Hi-Life a fortnight back) La+ch strips things back a bit for the ridiculously-amazing Lolita.

Premiered by Thump earlier today, Lolita could well be one of the most enchanting and anthemic tracks we’ve heard in this half of the year. It’s a kinda lo-fi/electro/alt/a-little-bit-housey-but-really-isn’t, type of affair. In fact, it’s so impactful, even on first play, that we get a bit fucked off when it ends.

Mark our words, you’ll want to keep a close eye on La+ch; an EP is apparently not far off the cards too! Stream Lolita in full below: