Australian-born Chloe Black has unveiled her debut single 27 Club, a sultry mid-tempo lo-fi track that harks elements of Lana Del Rey’s whispy production styles (the press release states “Lana meets Banks meets Amy” and we’re inclined to massively-agree).

Now living in London, there’s something intriguing about Chloe Black, based on 27 Club at least; an interesting proposition for a first single, raising the subject around Black’s ‘desire’ to break into the ’27 Club’ (the infamous age where some of the world’s most-prolific, and identifiable, entertainers tragically lost their lives. Lyrics along the lines of “Chaplin, cocaine, heroine, Cobaine” and “Top shelf, despair, party hard, don’t care” are formidable in their approach, but delivered in such a way that really gets you thinking.

Take a listen below; we’re excited to hear what else is to come from Chloe Black: