Whilst regular readers will be aware we’re not the biggest fans of ‘EDM’ over here at Stagedoor FM, there’s one producer that’s been on the tip of everyones’ lips of late, including ours.

Porter Robinson’s first stabs at production has turned our heads in a way we never thought possible; creating a more futuristic stance of electronic dance music with his previous cuts Sad Machine, Lionhearted and Sea of Voices – the former of which impressed us to the point it appeared on daily loop in our offices until its successor was unveiled.

Set to drop next week, Robinson has readied his first full-length studio album, Worlds, an impressive collection that’s strongly paving the way for not only where electronic dance music needs to head, but also sets a blueprint for where electronica, as an overall genre, should look up to and admire.

And here Worlds is, for you to stream prior to release. This is DEFINITELY one for you to take notice of. The album drops next week (12th August), and if you share any kind of passion for electronic music, it’s one you absolutely should be looking to preorder (hit the iTunes link for that).


Porter Robinson – Worlds [Full Stream] by Worlds4life on Mixcloud